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      ADE can see my NookColor and asks me to authorize it, but everytime I try to it keeps giving me E_AUTH_BAD_DEVICE_KEY. Is there anyway I can fix it?

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          You need to delete the contents of the .adobe-digital-editions folder and reboot the device, and then go open a purchased book from B&N.


          To remove the contents of the .adobe-digital-editions folder (it's hidden)


          With the device hooked up to your computer, and let us say the NookColor is on drive E:, then in the command prompt type:


          cd .adobe-digital-editions

          dir                                ( should see activation.xml and device.xml )

          del *.xml

          dir                                 ( thos files should be gone)


          Then disconnect the device, reboot it, and open a book (and then close it or not - it's the opening of a book that fixes things up sometimes)

          Then connect it to the computer, launch ADE, and you should be able to authorize it.