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    elements 9 locks up after I delete a few photos?

    Pilatus Lucerne

      Elements 9 locks up after I delete a few pictures.  i have to shut down elements and restart it and sometimes i have to reboot my computer just to continue to use it.  It is a real pain in the neck.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but this didn't work and now my editor will not work it says that i have it installed on two different machines.  You would think the program would be smart enough to recognize that it was reinstalled on the same machine.  My computer is brand new i spent a little over $3,000 on it.  I think this is a software issue.  Possibly a conflict with another program but i'm not sure.  I'm running windows 7 Professional,with an i7 core and 16 gigs of memory and top rated Asus video card.  I've only been using Eements 9 for about half a year.  i'm worried about upgrading because i don't want to pay the money to have the same problems.  Can anyone help me?