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    questions on Laptop options



         I'm looking for a laptop to easily handle Elements and Premiere that's durable and has specs that should keep me happy for years. I want plenty of power but I'm not interested in throwing money on extreme overkill in computing power - if there's such a thing. So far I'm interested in the Asus models.

      In another thread I found a link to http://www.xoticpc.com/http://. I have a couple of questions about the various options that I'm hoping you can help me with.


      mSATA SSD drives - Do these thing help speed up the work or just start-up/program opening speeds?


      The G55 models offer SSD drive (option) and 1 hard drive

      The G75 model offer the option of 2 hard drives.


      Display -  1920x1080 super clear matte is standard. Optional are a "antiglare screen w/ 72% NTSC color gamut (plus $119) or a 95% NTSC (plus $165)

                      Are these options important for working photos/videos? If so, can you please explain?


      Thank you