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    BUG CS6 - Keyboard don´t work correctly, no moving with arrow keys, no shortcuts...


      Hey alltogether,


      A strange Bug in FW CS6 is stealing my time.

      i´m running on a fresh installation of osx lion my license of cs6. now it´s the first time to work with the new stuff. i´ve started my layout with some elements drawing with the mouse.


      anything i try to do with the keyboard don´t work:


      - shortcuts

      - zoom in / out

      - moving elements with the arrow keys


      the only thing i can do, is writing some text.

      is there anyone who having the same problems?



      please help me, i need my working fw to do some design stuff because the dead line ends.

      many thanks

      best regards


      ps. photoshop, illustrator the keyboard is working fine!