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    Cropping in CS6 (Not Impressed)


      I am having difficulty with the new cropping tool in CS6... It is said to be a huge leap forward, however, I am finding it to be a big step backward.


      The Issue?


      In all of my previous versions of Photoshop I have been able to go to the crop tool, set the size that I wanted the photo to be after cropping and that would be the size I get. This is something that I can no longer do in CS6... Or if I can it is not as simple. As a professional Photographer that takes anywhere from 500 to 900 photos per sporting event that I do, I need to be able to quickly go in and crop my photos to the size I want them to be and away I go.


      If anyone knows a solution to how to continue this feature in the new Photoshop I will glady take it... but as of right now, I do not have the time to sit there and fiddle with the crop tool until the images is the size that I need it to be.


      Is it too much to ask to be able to say I want a Photo cropped to 8x12 and actually get that?! For right now I will be going back to using my CS5 Photoshop so I can actually get my photos done.


      Thank you to anyone who is able to help me in this issue.