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    Variable stopping

      Hi, I want to have a button causes the time line to play through a number of frames and then stop at a point. However, I can't put the stop command in the time line. So i was wondering if there was a command that was like
      on (release, keyPress "<Left>") {
      gotoAndPlay(whateverframe I need)
      then Stop at (whatever frame I need)
      I am new to flash, so keeping it simple is very much appreciated.
      Many Thanks in advance
        • 1. Variable stopping
          clbeech Level 3
          you could track the currentframe property using an onEnterFrame event, then when it reaches the correct frame you could stop the playhead. but I would put this in a method you can call and pass pass a parameter from any button so that you have control of the process and the event. something like the following: