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    making a film w/ lots of stills and a few videos


      Hello all,


      I am planning a video using lots of stills in rapid succession interspersed with a few short videos.  I'll probably have a couple of hundred stills and maybe a half dozen film clips.  The stills are all 12 mega pixels in their original resolution; they come from three different cameras and are a mix of landscape or portrait orientations.  The clips are from a Canon point and shoot, or from an iPhone.  The final video will be 720x480.


      I'm using CS6 (Photoshop and Premier Pro mostly at this stage) on a Mac Mini running OS 10.7 (Lion.)


      My questions are:


      1.  Is there a way to change the default length that a still is displayed in the timeline.  Right now the default length is 5 seconds, but I'd like to change that to about 0.5 or 1.0 second.  I don't want to have to change the display time of each still as I place it in the program window.


      2.  Is there a comprehensive way to select all the files I want, resample them to the right resolution and drop them in my project folder.  Photoshop has a batch processor, which doesn't look useful for my purpose, and an image processor, which almost meets my needs except I can't select files, only whole folders.  I suppose I could move all the files I want to use to a separate folder and then use the image processor to resample them, etc.  Is this the most efficient workflow?  Can the images be resampled in Premier Pro directly?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.




      Kevin H.