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    Feathering Illustrator image placed in InDesign


      I'm using Creative Suite Profession CS3.


      I'm seeking your advice on the best way to achieve a good outcome for what I want to do.


      I've prepared an Illustrator map which I want to place in InDesign on top of a background image (lots of blue and cloudy sky)  already placed in InDesign. I want the four edges of the map to fade into the image 'seamlessly' but for the map to stand out on top and be clear when printed.


      I would like to keep the map image in Illustrator format if I can because I will need to go back to it from time to time to do edits.


      I have feathered the frame of the map (Illustrator file) in InDesign on all sides but it is not fading as nicely as I would like into the background image. In places the edges are a little unsightly and tinkering has not improved the result much.


      I can't see that I can feather the image in Illustrator. Perhaps the only way to achieve a 'perfect' result is to save the Illustrator image as a Photoshop file and then feather it to my liking in Photoshop. Or perhaps I should just open the Illustrator file in Photoshop but it wouldn't stay as  vector file as I understand it (better to create it as a Photoshop file I would think).


      I can see that there are various ways to achieve this result but I am wondering how my learned friends would advise as to the best way to achieve this result - Illustrator to Photoshop file or whatever. If it is a bit complicated or technical, you might be able to point me to the key steps.


      Many thanks.