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    Hide the booger - not a joke!

    Rob2Smith Level 1

      Ok, I am a recent convert form Vegas and the thougt of dynamic linking and editing blows me away... so very cool.


      I have a clip of me at arm's distance... to my credit... it was five in the morning... my daughter was being born. In any case, yeah... I have a boog in view. i want to dynamically link to AE, use paint brush to paint black and then being that edit back to Premiere Pro. I am using the cloud/CS6.


      Here is what I know:

      1. create dynamic link and new AE composition

      2. copy and paste the clip from PP to AE

      3. use the brush once

      4. click down to path

      5. go frame by frame click the brush in the right spot to correct the mask

      6. save all



      What am i missing? it didn't seem to work.