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    How to apply the two different styles using find and replace

    M Karthik

      Hello All,


      In the manuscript i have lot of bullet list paragraphs. In indesign i have three styles (Bullet first, Bullet Middle, and Bullet Last).I can easily applied the Bullet Middle (BL) style for all the bullet list paragraphs. Now i need to apply the Bullet first (BL1) and Bullet Last (BL2) style. I have used the below script, but this is not applied the specfic styles.


      var myResults = app.activeDocument.findText();
           for (i = 0; i <= myResults.length - 1; i++) 
                var mySel = app.selection[0];
                var myParagraphs = mySel.paragraphs.length;
                mySel.paragraphs[0].appliedParagraphStyle = "BL1";
                mySel.paragraphs[myParagraphs-1].appliedParagraphStyle = "BL2";


      Kindly help me on this.......