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    Go To Next or Previous Edit from Source Monitor

    shooternz Level 6

      Question was asked on another Forum and I feel it would make a great feature request for added editing efficiency in Premiere Pro.


      There is currently no way to directly "Go To"  Next or Previous Edit ( or Start / End) while in the Source Monitor.


      If one wants to Set In and Out points in the Source Monitor for Insert or Overlay, then discovers the CTI is not in position in the timeline...One must bounce out of  Source to Timeline to  set the point and then return to Source to apply it.


      It would be really cool and efficient to be able to use  the   same  "Go To" Next or Previous Edit short cut Keys from the Timeline (Sequence) in the Source Monitor. 


      Arrow Up / Arrow Down  or Shift- Arrow Up /  Shift-Arrow Down ( as well as  Home/End and  Pg Up / Pg Dn)


      (Maybe with additional  Modifier but preferably the same)


      Currently I use Shortcut keys to focus to Source , Program and Timeline..but eliminating that  for a more  direct way ..would be a definite advantage in speed and logic.