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    error getting license with acsm


      I've checked the forum and not finding solution. ADE is not converting my acsm ebooks. They aren't borrowed, but purchased. I do have a new computer and had to redownload (free version) of ADE. I was instructed to check authorization using a site people left here (technology ......) to open my ADE, click arrow by library, click authorization. however, when I click authorization it says this computer is already authorized to my email and it's an accurate email. I redownloaded the ebook from store I bought it at as well before trying again rather than using the one I copied to new computer from a disc of ebooks I've saved. I don't know what else to do. Can someone help? Thank you.

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          What is the text of the error you are getting from ADE, or is it that the .acsm file aren't opening at all in ADE?

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            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

            Shirley, there's some information about what's happening that's misising

            here, and I'm going to assume that you have a Windows PC.  If not, then let

            us know.  I'm going to assume also that you installed ADE on the 'new'

            computer using the same Adobe ID as you had on the old one.  If not, then

            you can deauthorize the new computer and reauthorize it with the old Adobe

            ID, and you can use the ebooks you downloaded before - but you cannot use

            any ebooks you downloaded to the new computer with a different Adobe ID.


            Let's go over some details.  There is no such thing as an '.ascm book'.

            The .ascm file is actually a pointer file to the location of the ebook

            itself, which ADE reads and then goes and gets the ebook.  If you have a

            group of .ascm files, that may mean that the source where you purchased

            them from did not activate ADE to finish the process.  That's fixed

            relatively easily, by locating the .ascm file using your Windows Explorer

            utility program (NOT Internet Explorer), putting your mouse pointer on the

            title, and right-clicking.  Then, when the drop-down menu appears, pick

            'Open With'.  A second drop-down menu appears, and you choose Adobe Digital

            Editions from it.  ADE then takes over, and finishes the download.

            Technology again, but working with you, not against you.  You can use this

            technique, choosing the files off the hard drive or CD.



            Hope this helps!


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              I have a similar issue.  I used the suggested solution but did not resolve.  The following is what happens

              1.)  I have set default application for file to open with the "Adobe Digital Editions"

              2.)  Attempt to add book to library receives the following

                   "Unable to download:  Error getting license.  License Server Communication Problem: E_ADEPT_DOCUMENT_TYPE_UNKNOWN:".



              *Note:  I may have missed the "Vendor" portion when trying to add it initially but the speed of the window I "OK'ed" through initially was really fast.



              Thank you.