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    What product to use for a full iterative application design cycle?

    Pieter de Wit Level 1

      We are a big design company building an interaction design department.

      We design and prototype interfaces for physical products and are looking for a solution to be able to iterate between designing and prototyping.


      I understand that Fireworks is the product with which interactivity can be added and multiple pages are possible.

      However, we want the features of Adobe Illustrator (with the symbols and multiple artboards) which are crucial in designing state of the art assets.

      Our prototypes go beyond wireframing and can be seen as high fidelity. Usually we do this with Flash but this requires a lot of rebuilding of assets when they change.


      Is there a solution that uses a shared library of symbols and synchronizes this between designing and prototyping?

      In other words, if we build a prototype with assets from Illustrator, can I than update these assets when my Illustrator file changes? (like InDesign does with linking other files)


      We are also looking for a product that allows to build highly interactive prototypes (with transitions, sliding, etc.), is Flash the best to go with?


      Thanks in advance!