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    Web App Classifications / Filtering / Display Criteria -Solution-

    Dayle_Thomas Level 1

      Hi Guys


      After a bit trying some of the suggested ways of enabling a filtering critera to display wep app items based on an imput select field, I found most of them no not quite do the job (as easily as it shuold be that is).


      Please let me know if there are any forseable issues with the below implementation?


      I removed the Category selection imput from my "web app item fileds list" and created new category and sub categorys required for my web app from within the "category manager", and then on the web app imput form added the below select option to the form


      <label for="CAT_Category">Category</label><select class="cat_listbox" id="CAT_Category" name="CAT_Category" >{module_categorylist}</select>



      Note you will also need to remove the other elements populated in the list so they are not displayed / selected-



                                              $("#CAT_Category option[value='14606']").remove();

                                              $("#CAT_Category option[value='14744']").remove();

                                              $("#CAT_Category option[value='14609']").remove();

                                              $("#CAT_Category option[value='14610']").remove();

                                              $("#CAT_Category option[value='72267']").remove();

                                              $("#CAT_Category option[value='-1']").remove();

                                              $("#CAT_Category").prepend('<option value=" ">-- Please select --</option>');