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    Flex/maven; 'Air Global Player'

    BBlommers Level 2

      Hi all,


      In my current (Flex 3.5) project, several external (both public and private) Maven-dependencies are required.

      One of these dependencies was updated recently. However, when updating the dependency to the new version, the flex compiler fails with the following message:


      [code]Failed to execute goal [..]compile-swc on project [..]: Player/Air global dependency not found.[/code]


      This could be solved by adding the following dependency:









      This, in turn, results in the following errors:



      Could not resolve <mx:Label> to a component implementation

      Could not resolve <mx:Anything> to a component implementation



      It looks like Maven suddenly decides to use the Flex4 compiler, and halts on any pre-Flex4 components that it finds.

      Now I know that updating to Flex4 might be the best solution, but there's onfortunately no budget to do so.


      Does anybody know how to


      1) Get rid of the 'Air global dependency not found'-error




      2) Get rid of the component implementation errors?


      Either solution works for me, I guess, as long as I can get the project running again.