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    Links within an Image File?


      Hello I'm very new to dreamweaver and I have a specific question about image links. I can't seem to find the answer easily so I decided to just ask in the forums. I'm not sure how to clearly explain my question so I decided to go with a bunch of images.




      Suppose I want a section on an image file to become a link. In this case, just the word "link" in the middle of this image. I do not want any of surrounding space (highlighted in pink) to link anywhere.



      What I've been told is to make a table and just section off the word "link". Like this:




      This clearly works but it has its drawbacks. It seems a bit time-consuming to cut apart the image and place it in a table like that when I'm just trying to make a link. Also now I have four extra images on my website that do nothing and just makes it look sloppy.


      I'd appreciate any solutions or advice.

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          Put a 'hotspot' (or image map) on the image (Google the term).  You can easily do this with DW by placing the image on your page, selecting it, using the hotspot tool on the Property inspector to draw the shape and position of the link you need, and supplying the target path for the link's destination.