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    pdf presets gone

    jiggy1965 Level 1

      For some reason the default pdf presets where deleted from my Mac. The ones like [smallest file size], [press quality] and [print quality]. They weren't present in the default location either (library, application support, adobe, adobePDF). So I copied them from a second machine. This seemed to work, however, the names are in Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator now in English, while I installed CS3 in Dutch. Only in Acrobat Pro the names are still in Dutch. On all machines CS3 was installed in the Dutch language. The pdf presets have English names on all machines, but this shouldn't matter? The other machine is using the same default pdf preset files with English names but when I do an export in Indesign still displays the name in Dutch like it should. How do I make the names in every application in Dutch again, just like Acrobat does?