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    Problem with NEF files from Nikon D4

    makro ph

      Hi everyone. I find a problem with nef files from my Nikon D4. When files are open in ViewNX2 (free viewer software from Nikon) they are perfect, as shooted... but in ACR they are very different... I use LR4 or CS5 with ACR 6.7 and the difference seems to be linked at D-Lighting function. My impression is that ACR dont read this option and picture are very very dark that original shootings. Anyone have this problem?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This question used to be answered in the FAQ before they revised it.  So, here we go again.  ViewNX is capable of reading all of the in-camera settings such as, camera profile, saturation, sharpness and other settings.  It is capable of doing this because it is Nikon Software, and they have the ability to program it to read the settings from their raw images.  Lightroom does not read those settings from Nikon cameras or any other brand of camera.  Part of the reason is that different camera makers store those settings differently.


          When I first started using Lightroom I adjusted one of my images that represented what I normally shoot until it looked the way I wanted it.  Then I saved those adjustments as my default settings for the camera.  From that point onward, whenever I import images those settings are automatically applied, and it takes care of the vast majority of my images.  Of course, I still have to make individual adjustments.  But my default settings greatly reduce the amount of how they work that I have to do.


          Active D-lighting is is one of those features that Lightroom does not recognize.  You would be well advised not to use it, or else create a preset to simulate its effect.  It will provide no benefit to your Lightroom work.


          This is a fundamental difference with Lightroom, and something that must be understood and implemented if you are going to use the program effectively.


          I realize this question was asked in the ACR forum and I referenced Lightroom throughout.  But the principle is the same, and the recommended procedure is the same.