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    paste function grayed out



      I am working on a survey using Adobe FormsCentral, purchased version (not the free version). Previously i was able to copy or cut, and paste portions of my form to new areas. Today the paste option is grayed out. If i click cut, the element i attempt to cut becomes grayed out, but i cannot paste it anywhere, or undo.


      I have tried re-starting both the chrome web browser, re-signing in to forms-central, re-booting the entire computer, tried both web-view and pdf view, tried making a copy of the entire survey. nothing. no ability to paste. I can copy and paste parts of the web to word doc, so i dont think it is my clipboard.


      the only difference i can see between today and a week ago when i last edited is that i now have five responses from my team collaborators who took the survey in order to give me feedback. could these responses somehow prevent copying or cutting/pasting?


      thanks for any help