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    PPRo CS6 - How do I set my bins to expand within the project window on double click?

    OstiaAlex Level 1

      How do I get bins to open/expand where they are in the project window (like in PPRo 5.5) instead of popping up in their own, new window somewhere else in my project?


      I often use the thumbnails view to look through my bins and in PPro 5.5 I just double click on a bin and it stays where it is in the file tree, but I can view all the rushes there until I hit the back symbol in the little folder when I'm done. In PPro 6 when I double click a bin it opens up a new window wherever the last one was which is always in the way of the other dialogue boxes that I'm using.


      I've looked through the preference settings and can't find anywhere to change this.