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    Flickering transitions in exports from PPro 5.5

    OstiaAlex Level 1

      I've recently finished a video for a client which included some clips that I used Shadow/Highlights effect on. I know this effect is has quite an impact on the computer and when I render out my final video in either a full 1080p Quicktime, or a 720p mp4 it shows filckering in my transitions between clips that have had Shadow/Highlights effect used. I've tried rendering before export and I still get flicker. Is PPRo 5.5s rendering capability just not good enough to handle a transition over a Shadow/Highlight effect? Is there a way I can ensure that all the effects render out properly?

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Make sure you have the latest update installed and do not use Shadow/highlight in auto mode.

          Auto mode can cause flickering.

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            OstiaAlex Level 1

            Thanks Ann, I have the latest updates installed and I never use auto mode as I like to have full control of my image from the camera all the way to the final export. That's why I thought it was really strange that I had flickering. I have the full creative suite (now in CS6) and I have always had complete confidence in all my Adobe products, so I automatically assume its something I'm doing wrong when I don't get what I'm expecting from them. I wonder if anyone else in the community has experienced this. The only way I could remedy it was by taking the Shadow/Highlights effects off of the clips (which were had minor manipulations in that effect) and re-exported with good results. If I saw it in preview I would totally understand as I know how much strain it puts on the resources in order to render out a preview, but after it's gone through encode I would assume it should be all fine.


            Thanks for your help.


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              markthomas1967 Level 1

              I have just installed PPro 6.0 and am finding the same flicker only in encode when a title ends while the clip below has sharpness effect.  Take away sharpness, and the flicker disappears in the encode.  This sucks.