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    Help with layers! I'm a newbie


      ok so i just got ae yesterday (trial but im buying it soon.) and im really trying to make a muzzle flash. Whenever i double click one of my video clips at the bottom left, thats the only video that shows up in my viewer thing. so i can only see me shooting the gun, but my lighting and flash and smoke are all gone. im sure theres some easy switch i need to click or soomething im missing.

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          awesomesam278 Newcomer

          sorry guys! nevermind i figured it out. it just opened another window. but  now i have another problem... i cant hear anything.

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            Mylenium Legend

            Umm, no offense, but you seriously need to start at the beginning. What you wrote is just incomprehensible mumbling. Understanding requires a common language based on exact terminology. Your pleasure starts here:


            Getting started with After Effects



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              Mylenium Legend

              but  now i have another problem... i cant hear anything.


              Same as before plus this: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/423108?tstart=0



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                Pierre Devereux Newcomer



                I started with AE for the very first time in March this year. I had never seen, or heard of it before then. I was approached to join a small new company and work with the team to complete specific projects. I have been given the role of Camera Man, Lighting guy, and AE Compositing team. :-)


                It has been a crazy, brilliant and scary learning curve, but the advice from Mylenium is the only way to go. I started with those exact "How to" and introductory pages, and taking the time to go through them was really worth it. After that, I spent days (and i actually mean weeks) on watching tutorials for different types of effects, and even just the basics. Once I started getting a better idea of how the program works, before I figured out what it could do, I bought a few of the "Learn by Video", and "Classroom in a book" resources. I have gone through all of those, and I am still classing myself as an incredible newbie.


                I now know most of the basics, but some of the comments on the forum still open whole new worlds to me. I believe Dave Laronde was the one of the first people to answer one of my posts, and he mentioned he has been using AE for a very long time, and STILL feels that he has much to learn! :-)


                So, basically, the point of my post, is to try and encourage you to start at the beginning, and take your time getting to know the basics. All the questions you are going to have in the next few weeks are answered there. And from that point....Play! play with every effect you can and see what it does, and what they do together.


                And lastly, use this forum, it is really great, and the people are incredibly helpful.


                Ok, enough from me, I am off to figure out my green screen edge crawling issues! ;-)