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    Error Code: A12E1

    holly a brenton

      What are the solutions to the problem? I cannot get Adobe Application Manager to load

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          Neither can I. Even AAM 6.2

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            m!ndl0rd Adobe Employee

            1) Reboot the computer.

            2) Download and install Adobe  Application Manager Installer from the below link.


            Windows: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4773

            Mac: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4774


            3) If error still persist, Rename the OOBE folder to OOBE OLD from

            Mac: MAC HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe

            Win: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\


            Install AAM again and try launching.

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              I just restarted my computer and resumed the download. Everything worked fine.

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                Does this answer still apply? I've encountered it in the newer Creative Cloud app when trying to update it when it prompted me to install a new version. Half way through installing either pre- or post-reboot, it displays the error code and kills the process.

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                  bhatnaga Adobe Employee

                  Hi Sharkley,


                  Was the error code A12E1 or A12E5?




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                    Sharkey134 Level 1

                    Hi Anirudh,


                    I went to do the process again to check the number and for some reason, this time the update worked! So, no idea what's different this time, but it seems to be up and running if the latest build is


                    Thanks for your reply and offer of help in any case!

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                      I'm having this problem this morning too. I've rebooted and reinstalled twice still getting the A12E1 error.


                      bhatnaga if you could shed some light on this issue that would be super helpful.



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                        Sharkey134 Level 1

                        If this is of any help, the times I got the error were on the start-up of the machine. To check the error the last time, I ran Creative Cloud and the update worked. It's the only point I can isolate on which made the last attempt a successful one.

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                          bhatnaga Adobe Employee

                          Hi Jarm,


                          Did you follow Maish's advise? A12E1 means download failure. It used to be a problem with old Adobe Application Manager but we fixed this in new version. On machines that we have seen that it is still coming is most likely due to some firewall blocking our application. Do you see any download progress at all?




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                            Jarm Level 1

                            Ok I added Creative Cloud to the FireWall and 'allowd incoming connections'.


                            This has seamed to solve the issue of the error A12E1.


                            Thanks guys for your support.





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                              candace6b Level 1

                              My issue with this error code started after trying to update a successful instillation of creative cloud. During install, my screen went white and my computer froze, and I had to do a hard shut down. After restarting, I got a prompt saying Adobe Creative Cloud was having issues, but that the Desktop Manager was missing or damaged and needed to be reinstalled. The desktop application for Creative Cloud was now missing from my top bar (Mac OS 10.7.5) and also from the folder "Adobe Creative Cloud" in my Applications folder. Only the uninstaller remained. I tried clicking on the link in the prompt and downloading the Creative Cloud Installer, but about halfway through after asking for password permission for Adobe to make changes to my computer, I got the error code message "There was a problem with the installation (Error code: A12E1). For troubleshooting please go to the adobe support page."


                              I did follow some of the advice on these forums, including restarting my computer and retrying the installation, only ot have the same result.


                              I also tried renaming the OOBE folder in the Library as suggested in this thread, however that also did not work.


                              I also checked the Firewall issue that the user above mentioned, but found I have no firewall turned on on my machine, so this was not my issue.


                              I resulted to calling support. My support specialist walked through these same attempts before finding a solution that resolved the issue. He used this: http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cscleanertool.html To completely remove the Creative Cloud application (DESKTOP APPLICATION ONLY - HE DID NOT REMOVE OR "CLEAN UP" MY INSTALLED APPS SUCH AS PHOTOSHOP / INDESIGN, etc).


                              After "cleaning up" the desktop application, he was able to run the Creative Cloud Installer from the Downloads area you get from logging into creative cloud on your browser, and successfully install it on my computer. I would suggest doing this if you had this issue. Hope this is helpful and saves you the half an hour phone call!

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                                David__B Adobe Employee

                                Hi Candace6B,


                                Thanks for sharing your solution!



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                                  WeberBob Level 1

                                  Yeah it works great... until the next time you try to update... then you have to do it all over again.


                                  It's getting more than a little annoying.


                                  Please just FIX this problem!




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                                    Arf thuis Level 1

                                    You might want to check the privileges setting on the folder 'Adobe' in HD/Library/Application Support/

                                    Click the Adobe folder and choose Get Info… In our case the group was set to 'wheel' and this should be 'admin (read&write)'.

                                    To correct: click the lock in the lower right and unlock, select the group named 'wheel', click the minus symbol. Click the plus symbol to add the group 'Administrators'.

                                    Set the new group (called: admin) to read & write.

                                    Don't forget to click the gear with triangle at the bottom and to choose: 'Apply to enclosed', or else the privileges settings will only be changed for the Adobe folder.



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                                      WeberBob Level 1

                                      Can you tell me where to find: HD/Library/Application Support/




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                                        David__B Adobe Employee

                                        HI Bob,


                                        An easy way to launch Finder, and then from the Menus along that top choose, Go > Computer and then just browse to the directory in the Finder window. Once you find the folder, highlight it and go File > Get Info to check the permissions



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                                          blackmountain-agency Level 1

                                          Solution by Adobe support: http://t.co/yMM12hj1th

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                                            arman0440 Level 1

                                            In case of

                                            Error Code: A12E1

                                            Do clean uninstallation part before installation of CC by downloading the cleaner tool

                                            remove creative cloud and application manager by selecting them and click on cleanup selected.


                                            rename the OOBE folder from both the location

                                            from user library and hidden library.

                                            Reboot the system


                                            And download the CC desktop app from creative.adobe.com-->download center

                                            Don't download the Application manger CC from adobe.com



                                            Follow these steps as well:-

                                            Rename the OOBE folder to OOBE-OLD from

                                            Mac: MAC HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe

                                            Win: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\

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                                              Wordyeti Level 1

                                              I just got the dreaded A12E1 error code on my Mac Pro - my computer froze, and I had to do a hard reboot.


                                              This has happened to me before - on my Windows laptop, when I did the hard reboot, it crashed my hard drive. I had to do a root-level disk repair that took all night to recover from this crash, and I lost all the work I had done for the last two weeks (since my last backup - I know, my bad). I also now have the CS7 betas (I am an Adobe beta tester, and had some apps that were designated CS7 before they were re-named to CC) stuck on my hard drive in some strange kind of limbo. They will not uninstall, and trying to do so leads to the Blue Screen of Death.


                                              My advice to anyone getting this message is, while your computer is still functioning, back up your entire hard disk to an external drive as soon as you can.


                                              I am about to start the reboot/install/OOBE surgery process described above on the Mac. If successful, I will then try it on the PC.

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                                                Wordyeti Level 1

                                                Whew! The uninstall/rename/reinstall boogie seems to have worked on the Mac Pro. Now to try it on the PC.

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                                                  this worked..... thanks Man!!

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                                                    trixiesirisheyes Level 1

                                                    Why oh why oh why do we have to continually deal with these problems? This is the downside of the cloud and pushed updates. It's not like Adobe has NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH UPDATES!! UGH!


                                                    At least with physical software, we don't have to update if we don't want to.


                                                    I've done the uninstall/reinstall thing before, and now I have to do it again? And if the error lies with a program we use all the time, then we lose our custom panels and have to re-set them up again. Can I bill Adobe for the time it takes each time? I certainly can't bill my clients.


                                                    I back up my Mac Pro twice a day onto an external hard drive via SuperDuper. A bootable backup.

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                                                      bhatnaga Adobe Employee



                                                      If you are facing this issue, the steps to do is kill AAMUpdatesNotifier from task manager on windows and activity monitor on mac. Reboot the system and try installing again. If this doesn't work, follow the advise of renaming the folder and then trying to install. For helping us track the reasons and quantity of this error, can you all mail the PDApp log files from your systems to bhatnaga@adobe.com. This will help us improve our install and update experience immensely.


                                                      PDApp.log file can be found at:

                                                      Win: %temp% (C:\Users\{Current User}\Appdata\Local\Temp

                                                      Mac: ~/Library/Logs/ (Here ~ denotes user's directory. Library folder is hidden inside the user's directory. The best way to access this path is to use the go to folder option in go menu of finder and type the path exactly as I have typed including the ~ symbol).




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                                                        trixiesirisheyes Level 1

                                                        User error. Thank you for checking.


                                                        Sent from my iPhone

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                                                          Kelly McCathran User Group Manager

                                                          To get to Application Support in OS 10.7 (or newer):


                                                          1. Make sure you are at the Finder
                                                          2. Click the Go menu
                                                          3. Choose Go to Folder (Command Shift G).
                                                          4. Type in ~/Library
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                                                            trixiesirisheyes Level 1

                                                            Since I have to go in and clean out preferences left behind when I delete software (because uninstallers are notoriously bad at deleting everything), or corrupted preferences files left when something crashes, I have my personal user folder in my dock. I Googled how to keep my user library unhidden. So I just go straight to that with a left-click.

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                                                              Kelly McCathran User Group Manager

                                                              Creative Cloud Update Error code: A121E | Full Fix


                                                              1. Launch Activity Monitor (on the Mac, click Spotlight, the Magnifying glass in the upper right corner of your screen) then type Activity Monitor (press Return to launch)
                                                              2. Look for AMUpdatesNotifier and click Quit Process
                                                              3. Go back to Finder (your Operating System) click the Go menu (at the top, next to the View menu) and choose > Go to Folder
                                                              4. Type ~/Library then press return (you are now in the Library folder)
                                                              5. Inside the Library go to Application Support > Adobe and trash (delete) these folders (Command Delete will throw selected folders in the trash):
                                                              6. Next, locate the same folders at the root level of your Hard Drive by double-clicking on Macintosh HD and opening Library > Application Support > Adobe and trash the same folders:
                                                              7. Now, navigate to your Applications folder and open Utilities
                                                              8. Delete the Adobe Creative Cloud folder and Adobe Application Manager
                                                              9. Run the Creative Cloud cleaner tool:
                                                                http://download.macromedia.com/pub/creativecloud/cleanertool/mac/AdobeCreativeCloudCleaner Tool.dmg
                                                              10. Remove the Creative Cloud desktop app named:
                                                                Adobe Application Manager/Creative Cloud for Win XP, Vista & Max OSX 10.6
                                                                (you don't need to un-install any CC applications)
                                                              11. Login to Creative Cloud through your web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari):
                                                              12. Click Download Center at the top
                                                              13. Scroll down to Creative Cloud (desktop access to Creative Cloud)
                                                              14. Click Install


                                                              I hope this is a thorough fix. I've seen bits & pieces of this on different forum posts for the Error code: A121E but nothing this specific. Hope this helps...


                                                              My last questions to the VERY helpful Adobe support guy (I'm assuming):


                                                              Kelly McCathran: Question: (I removed everything 2 weeks ago with this Cleaner Tool) why is this problem happening again?


                                                              Sudhansu: Kelly, some times even after removing with the Cleaner tool, some raw files stay in the same location.


                                                              He did a thorough and excellent job today.

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                                                                Cal Hero

                                                                I have run into this error everytime I try to update CreativeCloud.... What works for me is to restart my computer and then force close the adobe update manager in the Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor, select any process starting with "AAM" and click 'Quit Process' button in the menu bar).


                                                                I then open creative cloud, which requires me to update, and then I run the updater which completes without a problem.


                                                                I hope this works for you... Creative Cloud has been such a techinal headache, whereas the CS versions were trouble free for me since 2006!

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                                                                  MKenney Design



                                                                  Thank you! I got the A121E error today while downloading the CC update. Your excellent -- and thorough -- fix worked for me!



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                                                                    The renaming did the trick, thank you very much. I never would have known that in the first place. OOBE to OOBE_old (I'm on Mac.)



                                                                    Off topic:


                                                                    Why do I have to deal with this in the first place? Right -- I signed up for the cloud, instead of enjoying CS6 as before.


                                                                    So far I love Adobe's apps since 20+ years (with some anger mixed into this otherwise positive compliment, when crashes happen ... of course ;o)


                                                                    But so far, I wish I never had signed up for the cloud. I do not see that bugs get faster [if at all] fixed. I'm happy when the year is over, I will not extend. The cloud has slowed down my work, not much, it it has.

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                                                                      Wordyeti Level 1

                                                                      Two months later, trying to update the CC tool ... and I get the same damn 12E1 error code. This time, I went through the whole rigmarole all over again. Did surgery to the Library and the root director. Rebooted. Tried to reinstall CC ... and got the white screen of death.


                                                                      They really, really need to work the kinks out of this distribution model, 'cause what they're doing now is not a good customer experience.

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                                                                        HAd to re-install my mbp with OS X 10.9 where Creative cloud has existed since the beginning of summer. Now I also get this 12E1 error. The only difference my my old install and the new one can be the format for the file system. I have formated with

                                                                        Mac OS Extented (Case-sensitive, Journaled) which I can see that the Adobe Application Manager 7.0 does not support.


                                                                        Could it be the same with the Creative Cloud client??



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                                                                          PixelPump Level 1

                                                                          Tried your full list of instructions after getting the A121E issue for about the 6th time. Thank you by the way:)  Creative Cloud desktop seemed to install OK but now it doesn't seem to know what apps I have installed! It invites me to install the apps I already have installed:( Time to get your act together Adobe. The cc apps themselves are generally reliable. But this app for managing your new Creative Cloud thing is something you should be ashamed of. It is flakey, unreliable, complicated for us (your clients) to try and keep working, and this problem has now been going on for many months. SORT IT OUT!

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                                                                            candace6b Level 1

                                                                            Despite the fix I submitted back in June, I have continuously run into this error every time trying to update with Creative Cloud. This is pretty frustrating, as part of the reason my company went with this subsciption was with the purpose of being able to continuously keep all our programs up-to-date. This error really makes that a big pain, as you have to go through these steps to get it to work every time.


                                                                            Kelly McCathran's solution worked for me this time. I am hoping it will last through the next update or two, at least.


                                                                            I really hope Adobe's technical staff is spending a good amount of time trying to solve this issue because right now it's a big black mark on the new suite for me. I'd like to get the subscription at home for individual use, but this is the main reason I stop short, because I don't want to go through this problem at home AND at work...


                                                                            Please put some attention on this, Adobe. Thank you.

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                                                                              Kelly McCathran User Group Manager

                                                                              I had this pop up again on a lab computer last week, un-installing and re-installing the Creative Cloud desktop app fixed it quickly. I pray it solves it permanaently. Happy to hear the full fix worked for you Candace6b.

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                                                                                I think this is now the 7th time this has happened - everytime there's an update. Add to it that the accounts are hacked - come on adobe your software is VERY expensive sort this issue out. with an update!!!

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                                                                                  So frustrated with Adobe products constantly requiring an update and their hunger for my limited regional internet access!!! I just can't afford to update.

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                                                                                    On a Mac and have tried everything you mention, but I keep getting the A12E1 error code. Other thoughts?

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