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    Text stroke and fill transparencies?

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      I'm trying to do a title job where the text fill has a transparency settting (to show some of the photo behind) but the text's stroke is opaque. In CS5.5 the transparency/opacity setting for "text" effects both the text's fill and stroke, so my stroke has the same "see-through" at the fill. Not desireable.


      My, "old style" attempt to fix this was to duplicate the text box, paste in place, and have the lower version have fill only, with a transparency setting (80%). The upper version was to have the text stroke only, with no tranparency (100%). But, when the fill is set to "none" on the upper text, the stroke moves from "outside" to "centered" visually choking the font. This align stroke setting is grayed-out on selected text...actually, it's inconsistent...sometimes, some of the boxes (outside, center, inside) are clickable, but regardless, there is no effect.


      My next bright idea was to then convert the top layer text to outlines, so I could move the stroke to "outside". But now, the stokes of some letters interfere by overlapping other letters (and even themselves sometimes, weird).


      I suppose the option to have different tranparency settings on the fill and stroke of text is a new feature in CS6. But the company just bought 5.5, so an upgrade wont be for a while (if our luck continues, it will be 32 days before CS7 comes out)


      Any help, solutions, or work-arounds will be appreciated.




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I don't see a way to separate text stroke an fill for effects in CS6, either.


          Stacking text and outlines together isn't going to work well becasue you lose the kerning information, but why not just convert the text to outlines and then applythe effects to the outlined text? As long as you aren't using uotmated bullets or numbering, or type adornments like underlines or paragraph rules you should get something workable.

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            Good point Peter, once it's converted to outlines, there's no need for a text layer at all since then fill and stroke can be defined separately.


            But thenI still have the problem of the stokes from one letter overlapping another. And some annoying meiter limit issues (e.g. deep inside the "V") that arent a problem when a stroke is set to text.


            I guess I'm off to AI to build the type as vector art.