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      I'm very unhappy with the performance of CS6. CS5.5 was OK with my setup, but CS6 is virtually unusable.  I thought that if I upgraded my video card, I'd get decent performance, so I got a GeForce 580 (and a new power supply).  The improvement was only marginal.

      What makes the product unusable is that EVERY TIME I MAKE THE SLIGHTEST CHANGE, AE has to do this big screen update which takes up to 15 seconds.  IT usually causes the screen to flicker (showing what's behind AE on the desktop.  I was getting this flicker even BEFORE I installed the new video card.) Then I have to click the "MAXIMIZE" button continuously until a click gets through on an idle, and finally I can do something else.  As you can imagine, this makes for pretty slow going.


      I've already checked to make sure I have the latest driver and the

      latest update to AE.(


      Is this just a matter of not having a computer thats fast enough?  Or could something else be happening that I could fix without getting a new box?

      I don't have a super computer, but its at least average, I'd say.  Here's the setup:


      AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core Processor 2.20 Ghz

      8 GB ram

      Windows 7 64 Bit, SP1


      Operating System:Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit (Service Pack 1)
      DirectX version:11.0
      GPU processor:
      GeForce GTX 580
      Driver version:
      DirectX support:11.1
      CUDA Cores:
      Core clock:
      772 MHz
      Shader clock:
      1544 MHz
      Memory data rate:4008 MHz
      Memory interface:384-bit
      Total available graphics memory:4094 MB
      Dedicated video memory:1535 MB GDDR5
      System video memory:0 MB
      Shared system memory:2559 MB
      Video BIOS version:


      PCI Express x16