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    Sale on Powerful Laptop

    JFPhoton Level 3

      ...TDirect has  powerful  laptop, G75VW - TS72 for only $ 1,399..... fast i7...16GB fast memory....NVidia 670m w/3GB DDR5 memory....1920x1080 17.3" screen.....2-HDD bays, inc. supplied 750GD HDD.


      If I did not already own the G73JW.....I would probably buy this......3-USB 3 ports.....HDMI and mini-display port.


      For the price, a killer editing machine......esp. if you put two SATA III SSDs in it.....Corsair or Plextor Pro models only,( that use Marvell controller, not Sandforce), to handle "non-compressible data", like video files.


      Use 750GB HDD in cheap USB 3 external dock for 3 disk setup.


      I'm still on 5.03 PPro....reading issues concerning some issues scrubbing AVCHD with CS6 and also 5.5 issues with DSLR  codecs.......Jeff Bellune says rename some DSLR MOV extensions to MP4 to avoid turning on QT 32 bit importer. Another words, not all performance issues are hardware related.....5.5 solved some software issues and "user  error" cause some, ( i.e. failure to import whole file structure properly with media browser on AVCHD material).


      This machine sounds like a monster at that price, for those who need portability....I've done well with my two year old G73jw........downloaded newest driver for internal card reader to enable it to handle 64GB Patriot SDXC high capacity SD card, used in Canon DSLR........transfer speed shows 50MB/ sec.!!!  exFAT file type removes "spanned clip" issue !! Card was $39!!!.....have two now!!!


      Also, downloaded newest driver for USB 3 controller in my laptop....USB 3 transfer speed now~ 250MB/ sec. on SATA II laptop from external dock. Use many different HDDs in that cheap, fast dock.....some for backup....plug and go!! Prices are coming down!!!   Bought marvell controlled Crucial M4  512GB for only $ 389....all SSD setup now for on the road.....have many cheap spinning HDDs for spares and backups.


      Portable high performance is getting closer at cheaper prices!

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          Royhessey Level 1

          Which Store has this unit?. Looks awesome.

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            JFPhoton Level 3

            Tiger Direct...

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              Royhessey Level 1

              Thanks, wow what a great price.

              What 7200 rpm USB drive would go well here, either 1TB or 500GIG?

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                JFPhoton Level 3

                ... since laptop has 2  internal HDD bays that are SATA III....you would want to take advantage of that speed capability and place a 128 or 256GB SSD in one bay for OS and programs. Not sure if that one needs to be the type with a Marvell controller that handles "incompressible data" or not, ( Plextor Pro or Corsair Pro models). Then, in second bay definitely place a larger Marvell controlled SSD....I found a 512GB Crucial M4 for ~$380, although the Plextor and Corsair Pro models perform faster WITH the " incompressable" video data and are much more expensive.

                   The supplied 750GB HDD can be placed in a cheap USB3 external dock, ( ~$30 ), to form a three disk system.

                     My SATA II laptop performs better on the PPBM test when using two QUALITYinternal SSDs.....meaning read AND write speed high...better than with  the HDDS....even the hybrid Momentus XTs I have.

                    Desktop is different story.....fast HDDs in RAID arrays give better capacity for dollars.


                CPU is king for DSLR files... then CUDA cores, bandwidth, and DDR 5 video memory in the NVidia card is next, then, at least 16GB fast system memory....finally, drive speeds need to be good to finish the balanced system and to avoid a bottleneck.

                       Much has been written about problems using SSDs.....so far, I have had none....and the new types of SSD memory, combined with better controllers and firmware seem to be aleviating some of the prior concerns....they are getting more reliable and cheaper......In a laptop, capacity can be less especially if you have a main desktop PC to offload work to.

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                  Royhessey Level 1

                  Thankyou very much for your info. I took the plunge and purchased from Tiger Direct.the G75 and the Crucial M4. and also an external BluRay writer.

                  What a saga buying from Tiger? Because it was an international purchase I had to wire them funds to their bank rather than a normal Credit Card transaction.

                  I frequently buy from B&H in NY and Amazon.com with none of this jazz/hassle.


                  Your advice was most appreciated and certainly helped me in the decision.

                  I am an old cattle farmer, based in rural Australia so find it difficult to keep up with technology.


                  But I have a passion for video so that keeps me going.


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                    JFPhoton Level 3



                    This will be a powerful machine for a laptop.....I have a two year old Asus G73jw.....with the 740QM CPU I have been able to do well.


                    Yours should be much,much better. One thing.  I am not sure if you have to go into the BIOS and " turn off " the integrated Intel graphics, which are part of the new CPU chip. Your CPU has the "Quick Synch" video feature, however I do not believe it is possible to use that feature in conjunction with PPro.


                    Harm Millaard on this forum,or Eric from ADK on this forum might answer that question. The other thing is to make sure you have the latest driver for your video card at NVidia.....a few months back, they didn't have it available and people complained....hopefully, its there now.


                    If your video card is not officially supported....you can enable it with an easy "hack"....the Studio North website even had an easy helper program  to do that, if needed.


                    I am wishing I had your machine!.....it has 16 GB of the faster memory....mine only 14.....you have a more powerful CUDA card, AND you have SATA III vs my SATA II......I am curious how your machine will perform on the PPBM5 benchmark test.....if your machine is tuned and had the newer SSDs in it....it could scream!!!  As stated before, the best spinning hard drives in your machine would top out at 116-130MB/sec each separately.  Corsair Pro and Plextor Pro SSDs with Marvell controllers are showing over 500MB/sec. read AND write with SATA III.....even with "incompressible video data". That makes me curious how they would do in you machine.The Sandforce drives slow down writing that data.  Some people claim the SSDs can't handle all the write-rewrite cycles.....I have not yet had any trouble with mine, and mine are OLDER Sandforce Corsair SSDs. The PPBM5 test shows that the higher performing machines have fast drive setups,( i.e. two separate RAID 0 arrays).

                        Your machine also has a "mini dislay port"....I am not sure,but, maybe it can drive TWO external monitors IN ADDITION to your 17.3" display!!


                    Recently I was able to buy two new 64GB SDXC memory cards for my DSLR for only $39 each.....this was exciting because the new ex- FAT file system on those cards,I believe, eliminates the 4GB file limit imposed by the FAT 32 system. On my machine I had to download a new driver for the internal card reader to make it work.....this driver was not listed on the Asus website. Same with my USB3 controller....had to download new driver for it to work a a higher speed...( before : 105MB/sec. ,  after : 250MB/sec using an SSD in a USB3 dock ). Those SDXC cards worked at 50MB/ sec. transferring files to to laptop, although class 10 only guarantees 10MB !!


                    Please test your rig at PPBM5 site so all can see what it can do......I think it will do very well for a laptop.....good luck with it!!

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                      Robert Fielder

                      This is semi-off topic, so my apologies, but.....I see mention of the ASUS G73 here by people who have one.


                      A friend of mine has a G73j, and his battery seems to be shot. From what we can find out, ASUS no longer supports this model, and no longer sells batteries for it. Kind of hard to verify that, since the US ASUS eStore has been offline for an extended period (two weeks or more?).



                      Can someone advise where to purchase a battery for the ASUS  G73j?



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                        JFPhoton Level 3

                        .....use google.....many online sellers of that battery,or, equivalent......

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                          Robert Fielder Level 1

                          Google finds many. However, I am in Canada.  Amazon will not ship the battery to Canada, and amazon.ca does not sell them.


                          Most of the suppliers are in the far east, and are selling third party batteries. Nobody (including Amazon) sells ASUS batteries for these, as far as I can tell.


                          A lot of the third party batteries seem to have a good price, until you check the specs - lower power rating. Most are 4400mAh or less, while the original is 5200mAh.


                          I take it that nobody here how is using a G73 has enoutered any issues with their battery?

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                            JFPhoton Level 3

                            .....not me...for now!!!

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                              JFPhoton Level 3

                              ......temporarily, an external battery solution may help.......until the right battery can be found......then there will be two battery devices to use!!


                                   Inreality, the normal battery doesnt last long anyway.....maybe an hour....so, an inferior substitute wouldnt matter much........after two, three, or four years, the machine becomes obsolete anyway....