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    Duplicating a Sheet


      Is it possible to duplicate a sheet in the response tab for data filtering, editing, and other functionalities? Currently, I can only copy and paste one row at a time. Is it possible to duplicate the entire sheet or copy and paste the data into a new sheet?

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          rdolgov Adobe Employee

          We don't have duplicate a sheet functionallity.


          You can try to copy all tables from one sheet to another:


          1. Create a new sheet

          2. Select all tables in the source sheet (by clicking and draggin mouse over tables you want to copy) and press Ctrl-C to copy




          3. Goto the new sheet and use Ctrl-V to paste


          This way you don't need to copy row by row.




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            Related question, if I am duplicating data in a separate sheet, does it count toward the 5000 responses limit?


            Many thanks,