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    ? on Upgrading CF8 Server to compile Flex 3 Code

    Ratsnackbar Level 2
      Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade a CF8 Server to use the Flex 3 Compiler?

      Trying out ColdFusions ability to compile Flex code and I find that some my Display Objects do not position themselves correclty. Works fine from Flex 3 Beta 3 however and I believe some of the code I am using is Flex 3 specific. I would like to upgrade the CF8 Server with the new Flex 3 compiler to see if that is true before I change my code.

      I cannot seem to find any documentation on if this is possible and how. It may be that I need to install Blaze DS but even then I am not sure as I am using the cf-bootstrap-for-flex.jar to accomplish what I am attempting and I do not have or cannot find what it's dependancies are.

      So should I even try, would it be better to use Blaze DS or possibly wait for Flex 3 launch and see if Adobe has an update.

      Any Help or Suggestions would be appreciated.

      Thank You