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    How extend the Forum component?


      Hi I'm trying to extend the Forum component from CQ5.4 but I'm unable to get it working when the user enter the first post for a topic creation the Servlets that ends with the request is the SlingPostServlet, and I ended with the properties for the current node in the parsys added or modified with the title and message for the new topic, for some reason I'm unable to get the com.day.cq.collab.forum.impl.CreatePostServlet, to handle the request. I tried bny extending the com.day.cq.collab.forum.impl.CreatePostServlet creating my own version of the Servlet, but when I display the status of the component in the Apache Felix console the service seems unable to resolve a reference to the UserManagerFactory and says unsatisfied reference.


      Any one has tried to do anything like this before? Is this feasible?


      thanks in advance.!