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    CF 10 CFDocument Fonts not Rendering

    sdsinc_pmascari Level 2

      We're building some new servers with CF 10 Enterprise and we cannot get the CFDocument tag to render fonts properly.  It seems to have picked a select few that it will use and refuses to use any others.  For example, it will use Arial and Times New Roman but it steadfastly refuses to use Helvetica and TradeGothic.  WTF?


      Yes, the server has those fonts installed and they show up in CFAdmin (see screenshot, below).


      Of all the TradeGothics listed above, the TrueTypes get completely ignored.  The OpenTypes cause CF to crash with this error:


      coldfusion.document.spi.DocumentExportException: java.lang.NullPointerException


      Fontembed is set to YES.  Looking at the PDF properties and TradeGothic are not embeded in it so CF would seem to be the culprit.


      We have changed nothing in our CF code as we've moved it from CF8 to CF9 and now to CF10.  CF8 and 9 used these fonts with no problem.  What's up with 10?