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    ID crashing before it loads.

    amaronee1 Level 1

      Wow, the crashes continue, now with a slightly diff hue:


      Began with frequent hang-ups when exporting to pdf. Would not complete; I would force quit. On reload, it would say it could not recover the file, which was right there on my HD. I open the doc, again get hung-up on export to pdf. Try a different doc, now it creashes before the program even loads. Cannot ene get ID to load, so cannot export to .idml.



      I uninstalled and reinstalled to omit any user preference issues,then ran updatre from "Help" menu within the program. Find it interesting that my workspace and another (cannot remember what!) pref remained intact when I thought I'd lose them.


      Using all "safe" fonts, as far as I know. Everything worked fine when I completed this project a month ago. Now client needs one small change to each of 12 one-page ID files and I cannot even access the program.


      Running ID CS5 on iMac 10.6.8 w/4GB SDRAM.


      Latest crash report here: