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    My friends can not access my albums in Express



      I am having a problem that I hope someone can help with.


      I use Express, although I have Elements 8 installed and have transfered some of my photos into E8 while still using Express, my friends now, can not get in to see my albums. Up until the last week they could see all of my albums and my albums are all shared and they {my friends} are PS members.


      It said "natureschild122 has not shared any albums. Check back again soon".


      I have 18 albums all listed as shared and I created 3 this month so far Aug 1, 4 & 5.

      I have deleted E8 hoping this would help but it has not.

      Any assistance would be gratefuly accepted.

      When I do switch over to E8 will my friends be able to see my albums?


      Thank you so much for any help with this.




      UPDATE: Aug 9, 2012

      The only way my friends can see my albums is for me to make them {my albums} public. I am not ready to have them made available to everyone I perfer them to be shared for now.

      Can someone please help with this situation?


      Thank You



      2nd Update Aug. 11, 2012


      Can someone please help me with this problem with Express, I don't understand why suddenly my friends can not see my shared albums. They are photoshop members.

      I have had to make some albums public when I do not want any albums public.


      Thank You



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      I am hoping that if I change the location of this question someone will be able to answer it for me I first posted this Aug 7 and so far no one has been able to find an answer for me, so I hope that moving it to general discussion can help. Thank You