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    changing speed on animation


      I am new to flash but I used to animate in Maya all the time, so i understand the basics of animation well.


      But because I was new to Flash, I made the animations too fast, which wouldn't have been a problem in Maya, for I could simply scale the frames to speed up/slow down as needed.  However, in Flash, I found I couldn't do this! 


      I need the animation to be about twoX slower, how do I do this?  I'd really appreaciate any help.


      btw, I've tried to change the fps, but it makes the animation have too few frames and you could see it jumping from frame to frame. 

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          Add more frames to your animation. So if a tween originally took 10 frames at 24fps (or whatever your fps is) just add in more frames F5 in windows and have it take up 20 frames on the timeline. You'll need to go through and do that for all the keyframes.

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            LORDMADDOGz Level 1

            i have 9 layers worth of animastions with tons of key frames, manully moving them has been proved impossible.  Is there not a better way?

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              Jose_Flash_ookken Level 2

              There is feature in Flash animation "custom easing."  This feature help you to animate the object in different speeds without changing the frame rates.  Create a classic tween , then select the classic tween , click the pencil button in properties, Pencil button is displaying after ease in text.  From custom easing pop up menu user can change the speed of animation.

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                LORDMADDOGz Level 1

                no that didn't work, but thanks very much for showing me where that's at.  That's what we call tangents in Maya, which lets you adjust how the animatioin flows.


                My current solution is: to publish as a swf and open it in adobe after effects and time->time stretch 190%; watch it, go back in flash and insert frames where it's still too fast, then publish, then back to after effects.


                The only thing is that I couldn't figure out how to publish it from after effects.  Every time I tried it just gave me an empty file


                I just reallized that time strech in after efects has the same efect as changing the frame rate from 30 to 16 makes it so you can see the frames jump from one to the next

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                  GiantRobotKitten Level 1

                  If you're using a motion-tween or armature animation, you can simply scale the duration of your animation by positioning your mouse-cursor at the end of an "animation-block" (cursor should change to left-right arrows) and hold-click and drag to your desired length. This will distribute all keyframes to the new animation length.


                  You'll have to do this for all your layers separately though.

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                    LORDMADDOGz Level 1



                    I have to many key frames

                    I can insert frames wich I have some but I have to insert about 2/3 of 1k frames