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    Rendering LiveCycle PDF forms using ASP.NET and MS SQL Server


      What's the best way to populate PDF form created in LiveCycle designer using ASP.NET and SQL server?

      After this form is generated on a server, I need to send it to a client and present it in a browser. Please note that this is a static form.


      I'm looking for the following process:

      1. Create a PDF form template using Adobe LiveCycle ES.

      2. Using ASP.NET application bind this template with fields from MS SQL Server

      3. Save PDF result in database as a binary object (VARCHAR(MAX))

      4. Send PDF to a client's browser


      I was trying to use Acrobat SDK for static forms (FillFormCS) using XML data biding but I'm wondering if there's a better solution available to render PDF in .NET object, save it as a stream and send it back to the client. FillFormCS requires to save a PDF template with a new name on local disk first before binding form data.


      Thank you in advance!