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    Rendering LiveCycle PDF forms using ASP.NET and MS SQL Server

    BorisTs. Level 1

      What's the best way to populate PDF form created in LiveCycle designer using ASP.NET and SQL server?

      After this form is generated on a server, I need to send it to a client and present it in a browser. Please note that this is a static form.


      I'm looking for the following process:

      1. Create a PDF form template using Adobe LiveCycle ES.

      2. Using ASP.NET application bind this template with fields from MS SQL Server

      3. Save PDF result in database as a binary object (VARCHAR(MAX))

      4. Send PDF to a client's browser


      I was trying to use Acrobat SDK for static forms (FillFormCS) using XML data biding but I'm wondering if there's a better solution available to render PDF in .NET object, save it as a stream and send it back to the client. FillFormCS requires to save a PDF template with a new name on local disk first before binding form data.


      Thank you in advance!