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    Export SWF from AE CS6


      I used to be able to export SWF files directly from AE CS3. But am having difficulty performing that same task in CS6. Under FILE/EXPORT there is an option to choose "Adobe Flash Player (SWF)". However, when I output the file it appears to start rendering, then almost immediately the render window dissapears. I don't receive any kind of error message at all. It simply creates an SWF file with no content in it. Does anyone have an idea what the issue might be?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Have you enabled rasterization of unsupported features? If not, do so.



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            jimyokajty Level 1

            Yes, I have already tried the rasterization mode. The process still didn't complete the rendering.

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              jimyokajty Level 1

              I've done a lot of different testing. And have even been in touch with Adobe Support. No resolution yet.

              However, I did determine something interesting in all my testing. The layers that are causing the issue are the Photoshop layers. I I turn off all the Photoshop layers it outputs the SWF with no problem. But as soon as I turn on a layer that contains Photoshop, it doesn't render. Actually, it renders up until the point that the Photoshop element is introduced. So for some reason it does not like the Photohop CS6 file I'm pulling from (and yes, I do use the rasterization mode). It's an 8-bit RGB file. So I tried converting to 16 and 32-bit, but that didn't solve the problem either. Any ideas?

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                jimyokajty Level 1

                Still having ussues. I have been unable to export an SWF file from AfterEffects if my composition includes any Photoshop CS6 Layers. Does anyone have ANY ideas or suggestions?

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                  Mailo34 Level 1

                  I had the same problem. I "solved" this issues.. I put everytime to the bottom layer with fractal noise (no purpose at all) but when its there, it renders ok. Strange but it works for me

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                    jimyokajty Level 1

                    I just spent over an hour on the phone with Adobe support. Long story short... the tech was able to reproduce the same issue on his computer. Which means it's probably a "bug". They are escalating the issue to the next level. Will hear back from them in 48 hours.

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                      BenjaminMarkus Level 4

                      As a workaround you could try opening the PSD/s in Photoshop and go to File - Scripts - Export Layers to Files.  Then choose something like PNG-24 or TIFF, anything with an alpha channel, and click preserve transperency and turn off trim layers if you want to bring them back into AE in the exact same place or use trim to crop them, but then you'll have to reposition everything.  I personally never use PSDs in AE because they're so big and tend to slow down AE performance more than standard image files.  Here's a screenshot of the settings I usually use when bringing Photoshop layers into AE.  I generally use PNG-24 because the file size is small and they're extremely good quality.



                      This screenshot is taken from my new blog where I did a short tutorial about working with image sequences in PS & AE.  if you're curious or want more info check it out here:


                      http://benmarkus.wordpress.com/2012/08/09/working-with-image-sequences-in-photoshop-after- effects-cs6/

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                        jimyokajty Level 1

                        That was going to be my solution if I couldn't get Adobe to solve the problem. I have a couple more weeks before my project was due...so I figured I'd wait to hear back from Adobe. All I have left to do is render eight different SWFs. I didn't want to invest any more time into if I didn't have to. I did receive a call from Photoshop this morning. They determined that it is in fact a bug in the software, and are now working on it. However, they didn't want to speculate how long it would take.


                        Thanks for taking the time to respond. Your solution is the route I'll go if I don't hear back from Adobe in the next week or so.

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                          BenjaminMarkus Level 4

                          I always do it this way from the beginning when working on any project in between Photoshop and After Effects.  And, if I need to change something I just do it in Photoshop, reexport it with the script and replace the footage.  I've also had horrible issues using PSDs in After Effects and I've never had to deal with anything when using that Photoshop script.  The bug fix might not happen for a while, so I'd suggest this route in the meantime.

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                            Did you ever get an answer to this problem. I am having the same issue and would certainly like a resolve to this. Thanks.

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                              jimyokajty Level 1

                              The issue has not yet been resolved. In fact, I received an email from Adobe on Sep 10 which stated:


                              "Hi Jim,

                              The problem you are experiencing there is actually because of a bug & the engineering team is still working on it. The bug number is 3208489.  We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. "


                              For my project I ended up rebuilding everything in CS3 and exporting the SWF from CS3.

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                                Fyredept Level 1

                                Thanks Jim. Glad they are at least working on it. I rebuilt my whole project in AE5 and no problems with it. I am glad I still have it around. I always keep my older version around just for a situation like this. Heres hoping they fix it soon. Don

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                                  Just ran into the same issue. I ended up exporting my project to lossless .mov, opening a new project with same comp size and then exporting that as .swf. Seems to work that way. I have to run it through the test screen before I push live but that may be my work around for now.

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                                    Fyredept Level 1

                                    Yes that works and I already had that one figured out. Problem is the finished SWF is way to large in size to properly work with. I had SWF in CS5 that was 1.1 MB when properly exported. When I tried it the way you mentioned in CS6 it was almost 70 MB. Way to big. Thanks for the advice but I have tried many ways to do it and have had no luck. This is an Adobe bug that they will need to do a fix for. Until then I will use AE CS5 which works just fine for me.

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                                      GimmeVoege Level 1

                                      True enough. Some of the files worked for me even though they are overly large and some are just way too big to be used. Sadly I only have CS6 here so I'm trying to find ways to make it work. It's quite frustrating.

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                                        Fyredept Level 1

                                        Yeah I know. But I am using some of them for web development and they would slow down my loading time of the site to a crawl. And if you had dial up, you could probably never get the site to load. To bad you don't have a previous version of AE cause it works great in all other versions. Hopefully It will get fixed in an update soon. As you read earlier in this conversation. Adobe is aware and are apparently working on a fix. Glad it is just more than 1 person with the exact same issue.

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                                          GimmeVoege Level 1

                                          That would defenitely make a mess of things. Here's hoping for a quick resolution.

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                                            I just ran into this same problem, although it was crashing at the point where new layers of Illustrator files started. Even when I re-rendered those as .png files, it still crashed at that point.


                                            WORKAROUND: I found that if I rendered the whole thing as a movie file, imported the movie back into the project, and then opened that movie as the only layer in the comp, the export to SWF worked fine. Granted, it's not truly a vector file output, but worked great for my purposes. Comp was 1920x1080 and worked great.

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                                              Fyredept Level 1

                                              Yeah I know of that work around. I know of a few other workarounds but the finished file size ends up being to large. Any image file and it will not work, but remove the images and no problem. My problem is that I am using the SWF in a website I am creating and the file size is to large to use in the site. A large amount of visitors to the site are rural and some are still on dial up. It would never load for them or take forever. I have CS5 AE which still works as it should so I am lucky in that sense. But I would certainly like to use CS6 AE as I have paid for it and AE is one of the programs I use a lot of the time. It has always been a very useful tool in my arsenal. I have contacted Adobe in regards to this and am awaiting a response back from them today. My hopes are for a fix as I am not the only person with this problem. I have tried the uninstall and reinstall of the program with the same end results. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it is just a minor bug and Adobe can fix it quickly with an update. I will post back after I hear from Adobe.



                                              Just got off phone with Adobe and they are escalating it to the higher ups. The wonderful person I dealt with was able to recreate the exact result I have been getting. She told me she was moving it up the food chain and I would hear back from them in the next couple of days. I will continue to update here.

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                                                Same to me. The workaround produce a file thats about 10 times bigger. Any other solutions. Anyone?

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                                                  Fyredept Level 1

                                                  I do not have any other work around for this currently. I have been using CS5 AE which works just fine. But I do realize that most people do not have that convenience. I have personally talked to Adobe they are working on a fix for it. But I will assume we just have to be patient. Hopefully you can get a work around from someone esle on this forum. I never did find a suitable one for CS6 AE.

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                                                    jimyokajty Level 1

                                                    It dawned on me that I have heard nothing recently from Adobe about the bug we are all experiencing. They are supposedly working on it. However, when I go to my support "cases" at Adobe.com it shows the status of the case as "Withdrawn". Whatever that means. I'll go back through my emails and reply back to the techs that sent me the email saying it was officially a bug, and that they were working on it. I'll let you all know if I hear back from them.

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                                                      Fyredept Level 1

                                                      I have the emails from Adobe in regards to this bug. Here is the email I received:




                                                      Hello Don,


                                                      This is in regards to the issue that you are facing in exporting  the .swf files from After effects CS6.


                                                      It is a bug and Development team is working on this issue.


                                                      The bug number is 3345048.


                                                      We will release the fix for this in the next update.


                                                      I am closing this case as of now.

                                                      If have any queries , please feel free to get back to us on 1-800-833-6687





                                                      I then receive this email within hours of receiving above noted email:





                                                      Adobe Case Update and Feedback Opportunity



                                                      Your Adobe ID: Fyredept

                                                      Your Case Number:XXXXXXXXXXX


                                                      With this response, we believe your issue is resolved and have therefore closed your case XXXXXXXXXX.  If your support case has not been completed to your satisfaction or you should you need to contact us on this issue again, please reference your case number. You can reopen your case up to 14 days after it has been closed.




                                                      Your feedback is important to us. Please take a moment to let us know how we're performing against your expectations by completing our survey.


                                                      Take the survey


                                                      To review your case history or reopen the case, log in to the Adobe Support Portal online and look for your case number in the "recent activity" section. If you have difficulties logging in, consult the Adobe ID and Membership FAQ.


                                                      Thank you,


                                                      Adobe Customer Care




                                                      To date nothing from Adobe either in the form of a fix or time frame for that fix. Looks like I will need to call again and push the issue a little. Not to much though as to tick them off and not get a fix. I will continue to keep on this with you.

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                                                        BenjaminParis Level 1

                                                        Same issue here, even with the last updates...

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                                                          This issue is probably the worst thing that's happened to me at work ever. I certainly can't wait 3 months for a fix. Any other ideas?

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                                                            Fyredept Level 1

                                                            There are a couple of work arounds mentioned in the thread. The only thing that worked for me was going back to CS5 AE. The only work around I found in CS6 was to render it as a .mov and then import it back in to AE. It will then export as a SWF file but will be huge in file size. I am lucky to still have access to CS4 & CS5 which both still work properly. Not sure why Adobe seems to be ignoring the fix on this. They are well aware of the problem and have been well notified of the problem, but refuse to fix it.

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                                                              jimyokajty Level 1

                                                              So, what's the latest version number of AfterEffects? I have 11.0.2. By the string of emails it sounds as if Adobe believes they've fixed this issue, but I couldn't tell whether or not that meant they've actually released the version with the fix or not.

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                                                                Fyredept Level 1

                                                                I have same version (11.0.2). Since phoning Adobe with this issue, I have to date, not seen one update to AE. And it certainly has not been fixed. Will be phoning Adobe again today.

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                                                                  It is not fixed. One and a half hours with New Dehli on the phone and they never heard of this issue. Didn't know what it was until I found this board.

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                                                                    There is another way to generate a SWF file of a After Effects composition. First you let After Effects render a Flash FLV file. Open a new file in Flash Pro, give the stage the right size, place a FLVPlayback component on the stage and give it the right size. Now you can import your FLV file and fine tune other output settings through the Properties > Components Parameters dialog box. At last you can make Flash Pro do what is the best at doing, publish your SWF file.

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                                                                      It seems FLV limits resolution to 1920 wide, even though the rendering box will permit resolutions outside that range. Flash 10, I've heard, allows 2880 max, either width or height, however I have found Flash Pro has limits when I export a XFL from AE that is within 2880 h & w - it can size the composition / document, and show the full size image, but any objects that had to be rasterized are limited to this 1920 width. And anything moving is 'not supported' and has to be rasterized, in my experience.


                                                                      Adobe never went back to support Flash 11 in CS 5.5, and they killed Flash Catalyst, so you can only use Photoshop and Illustrator and Fireworks for tiny files in flash - I thought that was a clever process route, using layers for designers and letting them add functionality easily, and it seemed a natural thing to expand on when they expanded the size of permitted flash files. They didn't seem to have integrated any of that into the new Flash Pro CS6, either. Maybe they thought it would catch on immediately, and it didn't, so they gave up very early.


                                                                      Adobe needs to

                                                                      1) Finish integrating AE and Flash - meaning Flash 11, and bug-free exports

                                                                      2) Finish integrating Photoshop and AE - we can do internet or mobile device flash work in Photoshop easily without that - .psd should not gum up swfs.

                                                                      3) Tie off all frayed ends before introducing new software - this smacks of greed and apathy


                                                                      I just switched to Adobe, after an 11 year affair with Apple, and I'm about to go look at what Apple has... probably nothing. Maybe the Scandinavians will come to the rescue.

                                                                      Meantime, I'm going to keep learning javascript and HTML 5

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                                                                        Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                                        See the list of significant bug fixes in the next version of After Effects:

                                                                        http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2013/04/whats-new-changed-after-ef fects-next.html


                                                                        This issue is fixed.

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                                                                          Hi Todd, any idea of when the new update to AE will be released?

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                                                                            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                                            We haven't announced that yet. Soon.

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                                                                              clintinz Level 1

                                                                              This was really helpful for me! In CS6 the export to XFL worked a treat and then opening that and publishing it from Flash was simple.

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                                                                                jimyokajty Level 1

                                                                                HEY ALL! I was the one who started this discussion just over a year ago. Today I downloaded PhotoShop CC, and it seems the bug has been fixed in this latest version of Photoshop. If you want to export directly to SWF you'll want to go back a version - to CS5...or download the newest version of the software - CC.

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                                                                                  Fyredept Level 1

                                                                                  In no way am I trying to be a smart a$$ but Adobe should be fixing this problem. You have been mislead as well as me by Adobe about there being a fix in the making to solve this problem. I have found work arounds, but that is not the solution. It is not as if only you and I were having the issue. I will not be going to CC right away and deserve an answer from Adobe. I want to go to CC on my time, not forced to go that way to fix a bug. We all paid for software that should work, especially when we have proved there is a bug. My apolgies for the rant, but enough is enough. Todd, where is this fix???

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                                                                                    I agree with Fyredept.  I've paid for CS6 and I expect it to work correctly.  To be forced to upgrade to CC is sick and wrong.