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    Image Finder

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      Hi I work in a prepress environment where we often have to relink files once they are moved to the relevant Hi Res folder.


      Quite often there willd be hundreds of images in said folders and after hitting the relink button and open correct folder, all I had to do was hit the 'Open' button and 1st missing image would be found and the rest would be found automatically.

      Now I have to manually locate the 1st image. Why would the 'open' find facility cease to work.

      I have looked within Indesign preferences and nothing in file handling ie Check links/find links, changes the fact that I still have to find the first image.

      I know it sounds slightly pedantic that I have to do this , but life was so much easier than before. I have to relink hundreds of images per day, so as you can imagine, it now takes a bit longer.


      Is it possible that this 'open-find- facility is a setting on PC setting rather that Indesign preferences.


      I look forward to a reply.

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          Colourjam Level 1

          I have found the answer. I discovered that since some new system software was installed (windows 7) Within folder and file settings, the extensions were hidden. Therefore when Indesign was locating file names it was looking for exact replicas of names including extensions.

          It was only fussy for the first click, as it always found the other names without extensions.


          Bloody PC's, I hate them.