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    Can't select objects or edit text on newly inserted page


      Hello -


      I'm very new to InDesign and have some beginner-level experience with other Adobe products (Illustrator and Photoshop). I am using this annual report template to create a document. I can load the file in CS6 and edit existing text with no issues. However, when I add additional pages by going to Layout -> Pages -> Insert Pages, all of the text and objects on the newly inserted page are locked and I can't edit anything. The "unlock all on spread" option under "Objects" is grayed out, I changed my general preferences to allow selection of locked objects, I checked to make sure none of the layers are locked, and I don't see an unlock icon anywhere when I hover over the upper left of any individual text box (all solutions I found in other threads when I googled this).


      Not sure if maybe this is just a limitation of working with a template (in general or specifically this one), that they don't actually let you add new pages and you have to work with the existing ones? Any pointers (in amateur-speak) would be appreciated.