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    Which Sequence Preset Please Help


      I'm making a small video for my internship and using adobe Premiere.


      I've however run into a few problems. The camera was outputing video in AVCHD(.mts) files which where not working.


      I've nowstarted to convert the files into different formates. But I'm unsure of what squence preset to use given the file type. currently I have a file that is:


      Type: MPEG Movie

      File Size: 62.5 MB

      Image Size: 640 x 480

      Pixel Depth: 32

      Frame Rate: 30.00

      Source Audio Format: 44100 Hz - compressed - Stereo

      Project Audio Format: 44100 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo

      Total Duration: 00:05:00:02

      Average Data Rate: 213 KB / second

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0


      I however think it may be a better idea to convert them to AVI but when i try to import the AVI files i get a ERROR:


      Codec missing of unavailable.


      What is the best Preset Sequence to use with the MPEG files?


      Please help!