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      I read your responces and sorry but frustrated enough I can't even figure out how to reply in the forum...sigh..


      To answer the first question, I have a PC, Windows 7. I am not sure what ID I used with my other computer. At first I was sure it was this same email addy, but it might have been one that is no longer in use (though I do remember what it was). If I need to try to deauthorize/reauthorize and try that email addy would you tell me how to do that please.. You said I would be able to use any ebooks downloaded before, but not any downloaded to new computer with new ID. I am probably misunderstanding, but I'm reading this to mean that all the ebooks I redownloaded to my new computer from the web stores I purchased them, aren't working now because of a possible new ID authorization? I have only bought two new ebooks since I've had the new puter and they weren't acsm. If I reauthorize with old email addy, will ebooks I buy from now on work? That is if this is the problem...Swear I'm intelligent...just hitting one hell of a speed bump at the moment.


      Next. For Jim. This is what happens. I click on the ebook I want to read which is saved in Documents. ADE opens and the first message I get is this..."One or more downloads are not finished. Do you want to resume pending tasks?"

      I click, ok.

      Then I get an error box (which quickly blinks on and off a few times) that says, "ERROR getting license. License server communication problem: E_LIC_RESOURCE_UNKNOWN.


      On my last computer I would get the resume task message and even sometimes the error message though it would just open it anyway in both the ADE as well as sending it to open in my sony reader library. It does try to send it to my sony library still or I should say it was at first but the last couple days of trying the sony library doesn't pop open while it's trying like it had been, but the process doesn't finish.


      I have also tried right clicking on the ebook, going to OPEN WITH, I have three that show..ADE, Adobe reader and Sony reader. Clicking on any of them gets no results. Using the converter in Adobe reader doesn't work either but from reading thru the forum I learned ADE only does this just like I learned that the acsm isn't the book but the key. This I understand..lol...doesn't seem I get much else. So....does this help ya'll so you can help me?

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          It's not fair to users when they might have a multiple layered problem,

          with some issues being technological and others being how the software

          works.  Disclaimer: there are other technological and software issues that

          can produce the same symptoms.  The 'solution' I've proposes is based on my

          understanding of what you said.  If this doesn't work, don't give up - just

          tell us what else has happened, and we can address that.


          I think you got the drift of my comments.  However, let me give you more

          information intended to clarify what I said before.


          When ADE is installed, it remembers the Adobe ID and the computer ID.  As

          you download ebooks, ADE puts some of that data into a tag file which it

          attaches to the ebook.  So, the ebook is identified by ADE to the computer

          AND user.


          When you attempt to read an ebook on the computer, ADE checks the user ID

          and the computer information against the current information.  If there's a

          match, you'll never know it.  ADE opens and you can read the ebook or

          transfer it to an ereader.


          If you change computers and move the ebooks to the new computer, ADE will

          still do the check, but it won't open the ebook because the computer's

          changed.  ADE will let you put ebooks on more than one computer, but you

          have to authorize them using your Adobe ID (in essence, you're telling ADE

          that you've made changes).


          The process is straightforward.  You bring up ADE and deactivate it using

          the CNTRL-SHIFT-D key command.  When you attempt to open an ebook (one of

          the ones you've transferred), you'll be asked to authorize again.  You then

          input the Adobe ID that you used when you downloaded the ebook, and ADE

          'should' open it for you.  From that point, your computer should pull up

          the ebooks you downloaded before.  You can do the same thing to get to the

          ebooks you downloaded under your other ID.