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    Stage/Timeline extremely slow under Mountain Lion


      Hello everyone,


      I'm having this issue with Flash CS6 on OSX Mountain Lion. Almost every action in the program causes it to slow down considerably. Things such as selecting/moving anything something on the stage, selecting something in the liberary panel, clicking buttons on any editor panel, and scrubbing the timeline. Even using the Mac's menu bar in Flash is slow. The slowest thing is playback from the timeline editor, it becomes so slow that it often crashes the application:




      Even though all of this is happening, every other application is running perfectly fine. Flash isn't taking more RAM or CPU that it usually does (except when it's about to crash), and I've only had this problem after upgrading to Mountian Lion, in Lion everything was fine. SWF file publish and playback have no problems whatsoever. The exact same problems are even effecting Flash CS5.5. I am an Adobe Creative Cloud member and all the other apps that I've tried work perfectly. I've also tried Flash CS6 in Windows on the same machine and that works as it should. This problem also consists on not only my existing .fla projects, but also brand new ones with absolutly nothing in the liberary or stage.


      I have an Early 2011 13-inch Macbook Pro with a 2.5 GHz i5 and 8 GB RAM upgrade. I also have the 32-bit version of Flash CS6 and CS5.5, and of course OS 10.8


      I have a Bootcamp of Windows, so I can keep working, but rebooting is a big hit on my workflow, so I plan to use my backup of Lion. But before that, I want to try and solve this problem.


      Thanks to those who read this! I hope I can solve this problem.