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    Nook: User not authorized


      I have some ebooks that I bought some time back I am trying to load onto my Nook.  I connected my Nook to my PC, and brought up ADE which now shows Nook as a bookshelf.  I drag the books to the Nook bookshelf and after disconnecting the Nook from my PC, I attempt to open the book to get an error "User not authorized".


      I was never asked to authorize the Nook.  When I look in ADE  under Authorize Computer, the email my PC is authorized to is the same one I use to sign in to Adobe.  When I look at my Nook settings, it also shows the same email address.  The email I use to sign into the website where I bought the books is an older email, but I can read the books on the PC.  I just can't read them on the Nook. How do I authorize my Nook when it never asks me to do so?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          If the Nook has worked in the past, then it may be 'confused'.  A reset

          might fix it.  Also, but Jim Lester posted just this week on how to clear a

          Nook's files, but I didn't keep that post.


          If you are just starting to use the Nook, then have you registered it with

          B&N (using your Adobe ID)?  If you haven't, then that could be the reason.

          B&N will write a small file onto the Nook that includes your ID.  If it's

          not there, you're not 'authorized'.


          Hope this helps!