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    Need action to open save dialog box and STOP there. Help!!


      So here is the background info, in case it helps to know why I am looking for this option - I am pulling photos off an internal company database. I can not access these photos as regular files - I have to go to our website, input an employee number, and right click, copy. Therefore, any options related to batch editing, if they'd even help otherwise, are out for this first step


      In the meantime, I have created an action that opens a new doc, pastes the photo in, and resizes it. Assigned f5 as the shortcut. Then, to save my dexterity (:P) I also reassigned the "open save for web & devices" shortcut to f6.


      However, this is such a massive project, and coming to a time-crunch, that I'd really like to take the action I created even further to cut out that second step (open save w/ f6).


      I've googled and apparently am not phrasing the question right, no matter how hard I try.


      HOW in the world, if possible, can I add a step to my action that simply OPENS the save for web & devices dialog box? I know how to make it open and save, but no more than that. I need to open and just STOP there, so that I can simply hit enter and input the desired file name.


      Is this possible?! I'll love you forever if you can tell me that it is and how to accomplish it! Btw, I am on Photoshop CS4.