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    Hide indesign instance (Hide running application)

    Bill joy Level 1


      I am creating indesign instance using this code


      INDESIGN::_Application oApplication;

      oApplication.CreateDispatch(L"InDesign.Application") ==0);


      Indesign application start successfully.

      I want to hide the application means when i create instance then application should not visible

      and run in backside.


      for example

      Dim objWord As Word.Application

      Dim objDoc As Word.Document

      Set objWord = New Word.Application

      objWord.Visible = FALSE;


      There is a Application property visible to set application visible.

      i am using indesign.h and indesign.cpp file created from .tlb file of CS5(7.5).

      In my .h and .cpp file there is no application visible function or application class property