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    cross references from a word file


      I've already read on this forum Indesign (CS6) has problems with cross references in Word files. (I mean dynamic references like "see page/paragraph/chapter x".) Whenever I see them, I just delete them in Word and update them manually in the final draft. (By the way, as a standard, I save Word files as Word 97-2003.)

      The problem is (luckily, I should say), this Word feature is hardly used, so for the book I'm working on, I forgot to check.

      I only noticed when I had worked for a full day on it in Indesign. The next day I could't open the Indesign file anymore. Well, **** happens, so I started anew. Next day, same problem, so I contacted the Adobe helpdesk; they couldn't reopen the file either.

      Third try. Now I made copies before closing the document, first testing if I could reopen them. I already had guessed these cross references were the problem. They appeared as a tiny blue double dot in the text (a bit like the upper half of the marking for index codes). I couldn't find a way to search for them, so I searched the Word file for field codes and removed them manually in the Indesign file. All of them, I thought.

      I closed it and reopened it a few times, no problem. No need to check anymore and first make a copy, I thought. I sent a pdf of the first draft to the author, processed his corrections, closed the document.


      The next day I couldn't reopen it.


      Now I'm not the kind of guy that gives in too easily, but before I start doing this book for the fourth time, I would like to be sure it will be the last time. So:


      -     Is there a way to reopen this InDesign file?

      -     Is there a way to search for these corrupted (?) reference codes in the Indesign file? (I still have a 80% ready copy of the Indesign file I can use.)

      -     Will removing all of these codes be the final solution,or should I remove the codes in the Word file and start completely anew? Of course that wouldn't make me very happy.