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    Read image metadata

    Mac_06 Level 2

      Hi All,


      Question: Can we read image meta data from CS extension code by any way ?


      I tried it with xmp core library and passed a jpeg file to xmpMeta object which expect a String, a XML or Byte Array as argument:



      private function getImageMetadata(jpeg:File):void
                                    var meta:XMPMeta = new XMPMeta(jpeg);
                                    var packet:XML = meta.serializeToXML();
                                    var photoshop:Namespace = XMPConst.photoshop;
                                    var value:String = meta.photoshop::AuthorsPosition;


      If I was able to convert jpeg file to Byte Array, I my guess to be work but I'm not able to find it workable.


      Can someone help me to complete the task?