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    Menu items and panels gone




      We are having a problem with one of our installations of InDesign CS4 (6.0.6) on PC, Windows XP, on a user account with Administrator's rights.

      It is an issue described many times on the forums:


      All of a sudden, some pallets stopped showing correctly - such as the Pages which appeared blank, until we realized the thumbnails showed far to the right in the panel, and could be revealed when the panel was extended over half of the screen.


      We tried the Delete Preferences trick on startup, which not only didn't help but in fact all panels (pallets) disappeared, and along with them, many items in the menus disappeared as well. For example, under Window, there are only three items (Arrange, Workspace and Object & Layout > Pathfinder).


      Finally, InDesign started showing the error message "Adobe InDesign is missing required files. Please re-install.", referring to some files in the TypeSupport folder. (The files are there, only apparently inaccessible to ID.)


      So it does look like a problem with the account's permissions. However, we can't find a way how to fix it.


      What we've tried and did not help:

      - Rebuilding preferences

      - Hitting the Tab key

      - Removing all current workspaces from the Workspaces folder

      - Running ID in compatibility mode

      Following the hints here: http://www.adobe.com/go/kb408055, these did not work for us:

      - Setting permissions for the InDesign key in the registry

      - Setting the rights on the Presets folder

      - Renaming the locale folders


      We even cannot repair or uninstall InDesign - the setup.exe freezes at some point, without any message, probably again not able to access some files.


      The only thing that works is to run InDesign using another account (with the same rights, apparently). However, this is not a good solution, as there are many things connected to our current account.


      Also, we CAN run other CS4 apps on the current account.


      So, is there any way, please, to make InDesign access again all that it needs?


      Thank you!!