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    Looking for system bottleneck, confused about system requirements

    funkytwig Level 1

      Hi, I thought I had built a system that would work for me but there seems to be a bottleneck.  The problem is I cant work out what it it.


      My first project is a mixture of Canon 550D DSLR footage and Panasonic AVCHD (from a prosuma handy-cam).  The AVCHD footage sometimes seems to play OK but as soon as I try playing the DSLR footage memory usige shoots up and I loose sync (even for the AVCHD footage, if I try to play it after playing DSLR footage sync is out, I have to restart PP).


      I have a i5 550 (its a 3G i5 and acording to performance tests at http://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html outperforms some i7 such as i7 975 3.33GHz).  I am playing at 1/4 rez, cpu spends most of its time below 25%.  It seems go quite high sometimes when I start playing but goes down to 25% very quickly.


      I am using a Seagate 3TB 7200 drive which shows > 90MB/s write and > 100 MB/s read.  I have 8GB system memory. I have a Nvida 550 Ti GPU.


      I am running on Mac.  I did try installing the trial on Windows (same box) and sync seems to be better but it grinds to a halt fairly quickly and will not play (all my fast disks are formatted Mac so it may be disk speed that is causing the problem, its a little under 50MB/s).


      So where is the bottleneck.  Ime kind of surprised as I thought it was possible to edit DSLR footage (at 1/4 rez) without getting as top notch laptop, I guess I believed the hype (I am using a desktop).


      In terms of the stuff I am editing its documentary/factual so generally it is straight cuts with a few dissolves and a few titles. 


      Are there any decent articles giving recomended and optimal system specifications, the ones I found on the Adobe site are very vage.