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    I-beam on headings in printed document

    MM Acton Level 1

      This drove me crazy yesterday, so I thought I'd post my findings in case any of you have had similar problems.


      In my printed doc, I noticed that some of my headings had an I-beam at the beginning. I searched this forum and the web for I-beam and RoboHelp and found nothing, so I wondered if it was something Word was doing, not RoboHelp.


      I'm sure I would have figured it out quicker if I had more experience with some of Word's features, but despite the fact that I started using Word in 1987 (yes, it was around then), I've mostly used FrameMaker for complex documents.


      Those I-beams are Word's way of indicating a bookmark. Somehow my setting for Show Bookmarks in Word got turned on.


      This web page tells how to turn bookmarks viewing on and off in Word 2007 and 2010:




      (If that page disappears, search for Show Bookmarks Word.)