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    Download edited video to computer


      I am working in PrE9 and need some help again.  Every week I edit my video and burn it to a DVD.  Now, our minister would like to have the entire video downloaded on our church website.  I am not the webmaster of that site and will, therefore, need to convert it to get it to the webmaster. 


      What I need is to find out how to "share" the edited video and save it on my computer so I can download that onto a thumb drive and hand it to the webmaster.


      Can someone please give me the exact steps I need to take?

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          Other than YouTube, I've not posted video on a website.  So, first I might ask the webmaster what he wants.


          It will probably be something like this:


          Share>Computer>Adobe Flash Video>select a format from the Preset drop down that is close to your original footage.


          You might be able to skip a step by putting the output directly on the thumb drive, if it is fast enough. 


          Depending on the webmaster, he may prefer the files formats under the MPEG or AVCHD choices.


          Assuming the video subject is entire service, you have some big video files.  You and the webmaster may be doing some tweaking to get thing managable and functional.


          I hope you post back how it goes.



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            PlushKat Level 1

            I spoke with our minister and he has put me on hold for doing this.  He gets a

            copy of the DVD and is able to convert it to an MP4 format, which is what the

            ultimate goal is.


            Thank you for your time and input and should I need more help, I will certainly

            let you know.



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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional



              If you are shooting with a HD camera, PrE9 has to downgrade the quality when it makes a playable DVD because DVDs are SD (Standard Definition).  When the minister converts the DVD to MP4 the picture quality remains SD, even though MP4 is an HD format.


              if you are using a DVD as a "data disk", ignore the above paragraph.


              If they want a high picture quality, consider Share>Computer>AVCHD>Preset drop down menu to an MP4 choice that matches or comes close to what you have the HD camcorder set to.


              Depending on your camcorder, how you have it set and your picture quality goals,  there may be better choices.



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                PlushKat Level 1

                Our camera can shoot in HD but we don't because many of our video audience (we

                send out about 160 disks a week) may not be able to watch something in HD.


                However, I may be able to try something of these instructions as it stands.


                Our minister spoke with the webmaster and she suggested he download the MP4

                video to YouTube and she will link the website to the video that way.