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    multi-line/return carriages in list item

    bduffy323 Level 1

      I know that carriage returns are causing the this issue of overlaying text. I was wondering if there is any way around it.


      using CS 5.5


      On Mac OS X 10.6.8:


      Screen shot 2012-08-07 at 11.37.21 AM.png


      ON PC: It just clumps together without spaces.


      Capture Returns.PNG



      UPDATE NOTE: The spacing on the Mac is equivalent to the number of carriage returns (any type either \r \n %0D %0A) that are in the text. If They are all removed then the list items height goes back to one line. If there are two carriage returns then the list items height is two lines so on and so forth. So it is getting the spacing correctly but the text is not following. Any help would be great, thanks!